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Keystone, Colorado Guided Snowmobile Tours

for Beginners and Families

Departure Times: 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm
(must arrive 30 minutes prior)

Tour Length: Approximately two OR three hours

Transportation to Tour Location:
Temporarily UNAVAILABLE due to covid-19

Gear: all guests must arrive wearing clothing that is
appropriate for this cold weather, outdoor activity!

• DOT-approved helmets WILL be provided (required).
• Snowsuits and boots are NOT provided.
• We will have goggles for rent AND gloves for sale on a
  limited basis at each outpost.


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This popular tour, which is guided by a professional, is great for snowmobilers of all types.  It’s best suited for families with children or people snowmobiling for the first time.  It departs from our Heeney Outpost, near Silverthorne, Colorado.  On a clear day, this tour provides breathtaking views of several mountain ranges, the Continental Divide, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Bring your camera and let your guide know that you want to stop and take advantage of all the photo opportunities–we’re happy to show you all the best spots!

This guided snowmobile tour near Keystone, Colorado will last approximately 2 hours, and it includes a safety talk with your professional guide who will give you detailed instruction on the operation of the snowmobile.   On this trail ride, we’ll stop to warm up in our log cabin with complimentary hot beverages. Sip your hot cocoa overlooking the Eagles Nest Wilderness!  When the weather is right, you can see over 70 miles with views including the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park, and several mountain ranges.

Kid-Sized Fun – Arctic Cat ZR 200 For kids over 70lbs and under 14 years old, goes up to 30mph! (Available only at Oval Track)

You will also have an opportunity to play and test out your riding skills on our 3/4 mile long oval track.  Snow suits, boots, and helmets (DOT approved) are provided, although your ski gear will work great. We recommend that use your own gear if you can, because it will be most comfortable.  If you want to wear your own helmet, it needs to have a DOT-approved sticker.

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A Quick Walk-through of a Keystone Snowmobile Tour Experience

Arrival, Check-in, and Gearing Up

We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tour and when you get to our outpost, we’ll have you fill out the appropriate paperwork. Then, we’ll walk you through choosing and fitting appropriate riding gear. High Country Tours provides complimentary snow suits, boots, and DOT-rated helmets to our riders, but you can use your own gear if it meets our guidelines. (Please note: our children’s snowsuits and boots are limited!) Our Heeney Outpost and Birdseye Outpost also provide indoor bathrooms.

Meet Your Guide

Once you’re all geared up, you’ll be assigned a guide. Your highly experienced guide will demonstrate how to operate the snowmobiles, answer any questions you may have on how to operate the machines, and educate you on proper trail etiquette.

Starting the Tour

Once everyone is ready to start down the trail, you will all leave the parking lot together and your guide will check to make sure that everyone is coming along.  We want everyone to feel comfortable with the pace of the tour and ensure that you are well within your own comfort zone. If at any time, you have a question or concern, you can stop on the trail and your guide will come back to check on you. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to operate the vehicle safely and you should never go on terrain, over obstacles, or travel faster than you feel comfortable with.  Feel free to stop at any time and your guide will address your concerns.

Along the Trail

Your guide will direct you to spots that will afford dramatic views and photo opportunities of mountain peaks and the surrounding landscape features and show all the coolest trails.  Let your guide know what kind of tour you’d like! If you want to spend more time at viewpoints you can do that, but if you’d prefer seeking thrills on your snow machine, your guide will help you find the best places to explore and ride.

Finishing Your Tour

When you arrive back at our parking lot, you’ll check in the gear and the snowmobile you were assigned.  Be sure to show your appreciation for the service your guide provided by offering the customary gratuity.  Afterwards, feel free to hang out and share your experience with others or watch as new arrivals begin their own adventure!

What Happens if I Damage a Snowmobile?

You are responsible for repairs of any collision damages that you caused while on your guided tour in the Keystone, Colorado area.  The good news is that High Country Tours offers our “Snowmobile Repair Fund.”  By contributing $25 (per driver) to this fund before your tour, you will only be responsible for the first $750 of damage done to the sled you are driving.  After that, the Repair Fund will kick in and cover the cost of repairing the snowmobile that you were operating over $750.  Considering that some of our machines cost over $16,000, this could be a very wise choice.

What to Bring

  • Proper winter clothing and gear
  • Snow gloves (MUST bring)
  • Goggles (we have goggle rentals for $10)
  • Digital camera or recording device
  • Drivers Need Photo ID for check-in
  • Minors under 18 must have a waiver filled out by a legal guardian

What NOT to Bring

  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Unhappy faces or bad attitudes!

Who Can Drive/Ride?

In order to drive a full-sized snowmobile, the driver must have a valid driving learner’s permit or license.  Only adults 18 or over with a valid driver’s license can carry passengers.  We have snowmobiles that can carry a driver plus one or two passengers.  Small children need to be able to sit behind the driver and hold on by themselves. Up to two larger children can ride behind on one of our 3-seaters if they are able to hold on by themselves for the duration of the tour.  It is highly recommended that pregnant women or infants do not participate.

Kids under 70 pounds can ride our kiddie snowmobiles in a specially designated area.  No age limit!  If they can operate it by themselves, they’re good to go. We also have mid-size snowmobiles for those children over 70lbs but not yet old enough to drive a full size machine. These are a stop during the tour for a few minutes and there is no extra cost!

Keystone Guided Snowmobile Tours Featured Point of Interest:

Williams Fork and Never Summer Mountains

The Williams Fork Mountains are a small sub-range of Colorado’s expansive Front Range. Of the two named “Williams Fork Mountains,” this is the group that clusters between the Blue River and the Williams Fork of the Colorado River of Summit County.  At Ptarmigan Peak the range suddenly turns north and continues for twenty five miles. The two main ridges of this range contain 12,757 foot Coon Hill, 12,498 foot Ptarmigan Peak, and 12,303 foot Ute Peak. To the west, the Blue River separates the Williams Fork Mountains from the superbly ragged Gore Range. Looking at the Gore Range across this river valley is one of the attractions of spending time on these summits.

The Never Summer Mountains are a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains in north central Colorado. The range consists of seventeen named peaks and is located along the northwest border of Rocky Mountain National Park.  The range is small and tall, covering only 25 square miles while rising to over 12,000 feet at over ten distinct peaks.  A panoramic view of the range is available from sections of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the northernmost peaks, Nokhu Crags, is prominently visible from the west side of Cameron Pass.

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